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This is a fun roleplaying forum for all ages, meaning no mature-classed subjects please. A little gore is allowed however.
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 The big donut

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PostSubject: The big donut    Tue May 31, 2016 9:05 pm

The Big Donut roof is topped with a large donut sign covered in chocolate icing with pink, green, and blue sprinkles. The roof is colored in a blue and pink pattern, the walls are a muted violet-brown, and the window canopies are a deep pink and brown striped pattern printed with a "Big Donut" sign on the awning. There is a table with a pink umbrella and two chairs near the entrance.

Goods can be bought at a counter at the back of the store's front room; baked goods are stored under the counter. Flyers and advertisements can be seen on a board near the counter. Vending machines, coolers, and product posters that line the walls are also found. Notably Cookie Cats and Lion Lickers. Small tables are scattered about the shop. Behind the store front through a hallway on the right is the storage room, where baked goods and other products are held. An employee break room with a small television, chairs, a table and some shipping boxes containing some food products, is located behind the central room. A small parking lot with a few street lights is situated behind the building.
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The big donut
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