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This is a fun roleplaying forum for all ages, meaning no mature-classed subjects please. A little gore is allowed however.
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 The Barn (Or Lapis' and Peridot's house)

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PostSubject: The Barn (Or Lapis' and Peridot's house)   Tue May 31, 2016 9:01 pm

The Barn is a large red barn with a black roof located uphill and across the bay from Beach City. It's filled with a large variety of scrap, also including several airplane engines and parts inherited from Greg's late aunt and uncle. Some other contents are hats bowling, materials, a stuffed dinosaur, paint, and many more. There is a sign at the front of the barn that says UUU space travel. A picture of the couple is hung on the back wall. In both appearances, the shed has provided copious amounts of materials to build highly advanced machines, such as a nearly space worthy rocket and two combat ready robots. The shed has been mostly cleaned out due to that large amount of parts the Crystal Gems have used to build machines.
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The Barn (Or Lapis' and Peridot's house)
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