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This is a fun roleplaying forum for all ages, meaning no mature-classed subjects please. A little gore is allowed however.
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 Rules for ocs

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Ruby/Sapphire - admin

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PostSubject: Rules for ocs   Tue May 31, 2016 1:26 pm

No offensive material ocs

Ocs with offensive materials are no fun to have in a roleplay, so please don't. For all you know it could be offensive to someone.
Offensive material includes:
-Overly gore

No mary-sues/Gary-stus

No-one likes these types of ocs. They're no fun to be around. So please, no mary-sues/gary-stus.

No over-powered ocs

These again are no fun. An example is that the oc can't be hurt in anyway. If you want a gem oc that as a power like future vision (like Sapphire) then just ask.

Be creative

Be creative with your oc. Boring and plain ocs with no quirks or no flaws are not fun.

You can always be a canon character just ask which one you wanna be! ^^
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Rules for ocs
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