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 Gem Warship/hand ship

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PostSubject: Gem Warship/hand ship   Tue May 31, 2016 9:41 pm

The ship resembles a colossal green floating hand, similar to the ones that Peridot manipulated in Facet Five, although more anatomically correct. Four fingers and a thumb, each of which is a separate division, make up the ship. A large atrium located at the palm of the ship and what appears to be either a connection port or an exhaust port at the back of the ship connects these divisions. Three of these divisions are confirmed to be a prison block, weapons bay, and bridge.

The Prison Block contains rows of prison cells fortified with Gem destabilizing fields instead of typical metal bars. The Bridge is located at the tip of the index finger, and contains a single seat with a console, screens and a cockpit window, where Peridot and Pearl piloted the ship at different times. The index finger is also used to launch Peridot's escape pod.

The index finger houses the primary weapons bay and, when triggered, shoots an explosive blast. The blast is possibly an energy torpedo, with enough power to injure or kill Gems or destroy large structures. Laser pulses can also be shot out, which produce ablation explosions by vaporisation of target material.

The atrium has a skylight and a symbol with three interlocking triangles on the floor: one blue, one yellow, and one white. This pattern is similar to both the one in the Pyramid Temple save for the different colors, and in the Ancient Sky Arena although missing the pink triangle.

The reactor room is located in the palm beneath the central chamber and contains a wide open space with tubes running along the walls, accompanied by a large reactor core in one of the walls. All fingers connect to the palm, which serves as the command bridge, of which a diamond is present in the middle. Under the palm is the ship's engine room, where the main power core, a green sphere that is constantly discharging electricity, is located. Dozens of small energy tubes protrude from it and branch off into all parts of the ship. These tubes can be seen clearly on any hallway ceilings. If the reactor core is destroyed, the ship loses all power and propulsion, rendering it inoperative.

In this event, Gems on board the ship can abandon ship by launching escape pods. Near the end of "Jail Break", the durability of the ship was exhibited when it crashed through Earth's atmosphere and remained almost completely intact until it was destroyed by its own malfunctioning reactor core.

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Gem Warship/hand ship
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