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This is a fun roleplaying forum for all ages, meaning no mature-classed subjects please. A little gore is allowed however.
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PostSubject: Kindergarten   Tue May 31, 2016 9:25 pm

"Kindergartens" are facilities that serve to create Gems by using machines called Injectors. The "Prime Kindergarten" is located at Facet Five. Underneath the Prime Kindergarten is the Prime Kindergarten Control Room. There is another Kindergarten called the "Beta Kindergarten" located in Facet Nine.

The "Prime Kindergarten" is a vast, foggy canyon with numerous holes carved out of the dark,dull purple rock faces; which are the "birthplaces" of many Gems. Injectors dot the landscape, some of which have fallen to the ground and been destroyed. The site has a single Warp Pad, which is decoratively surrounded by gems similar to those on the Injectors.
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